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Blue tips cubes with ice cubes
15 Feb 2016

Air cooled? Water cooled? Remote cooled? What does that even mean?

With summer coming fast and now more than ever ice machines are a cornerstone to most restaurants, pubs, or food trucks. We are starting our Question & Answer series on commercial ice machines, we will continue to educate you on everything you need to know to guarantee the best bang for your buck when buying an ice machine.

Air cooled? Water cooled? Remote cooled? What does that even mean?

This question will help to figure out how your ice machine will be cooled. With an air cooled machine, it will pull air in and use fans and vents to circulate air over the condenser to keep it cool. This is the ideal configuration as they are easy to install and are usually less expensive than the water-cooled units.

Some downsides to air cooled units include needing more clearance for airflow as the vents will push out the hot air that is circulated out. Actual ice output can vary depending on ambient air temperature as well. Ambient air temperature is the temperature around your machine (the temperature that you keep your business). Most air cooled machines give their ice output estimates at 70° and 90°F.Blue-tips-cubes-with-ice-cubes

Water cooled machines require two separate water lines to operate. One line goes in to produce the ice while the other is used to remove heat from the condenser. These machines can be run in hot, humid areas where it would be adverse for air cooled machines. They tend to be far more quieter as there is no condenser fan.

One major downside to these units is the increased amount of water used. Water is cycled in and drained out to keep the condenser cooled which could lead to higher utility bills. If you are in an area that has restrictions on water usage, we would not recommend this type of ice machine as it could go above and beyond your restrictions.


Finally we have remote cooled ice machines, which are basically air-cooled but the condenser is placed in a “remote” location away from the ice machine. The refrigeration lines are then run from the condenser into the ice machine, allowing for a quieter experience and less heat output. These machines are normally more expensive than their regular air cooled counterparts and require a refrigeration technician to set up as well.

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